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Multimedia Productions Based in Manhattan

Over the past decade, Ten South Sounds (a part of Ten South Media) has had the pleasure of working on a vast array of audio projects from full band recording, to mixing full albums, mastering singles, programing instruments, editing podcasts, recording audiobooks, repairing poor quality audio recordings, and almost anything audio-related that you can imagine.

Barnard Collect

Ten South Media, led by Dan Medley,  has grown and evolved into a multimedia company offering numerous high quality real estate services ranging from photos, videos, 3d tours, floor plans, and more


Ten South Media has years of experience in photography. Our skills range from Real Estate, Head Shots, Portraits, Events, Product Photography and much more. We are also able to offer photo editing, retouching, and restoration.

At Ten South Media, we are able to help you accomplish your video needs. These skills range from recording, editing, color grading, YouTube specialization, weekly editing videos, trailers, and almost anything else video related that you can imagine.

aman-upadhyay-5DvAKxy9DmE-unsplash.jpg | Based in New York City, available worldwide.

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