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  • Dan Medley

Do You Really Need a Floor Plan?

As a real estate agent, you want to provide many useful forms of media to your client to help them sell or rent their properties for the highest price. While some agents may just go in and snap cell phone photos and move on to the next, we know that is not enough anymore. With so much competition in the world of real estate, you need to stand out.

Simply put, floor plans help real estate agents. They can greatly improve the quality of your listings and help boost your revenues. While a lot of agents do not think about this and consider it an unnecessary expense, studies show that clients love them and gravitate towards those listings with the 'icing on the cake' when it comes to media.

Studies have shown amazing data when it comes to floor plans...

- 93% of buyers say they gravitate towards listings with a floor plan.

- 81% of sellers think a floor plan with help their listing stand out and sell faster.

- 7.5x floor plans are opened more often than maps.

- 52% of listing with floor plans see an increase in click-through.


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