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  • Dan Medley

Headshots: Why Do I Need Them?

You've come this far in your hunt for the elusive 'headshot'. But why do you need one? I mean, you could just get your mom to take a photo of you with her phone in front of your living room wall. Then let the phone edit the photo. Boom! Done. Upload. New job. Dream complete. Well, if only it was that easy.

Sadly, when you are 'meeting' clients and potential employers online, these people will judge you by your headshot. And sure, your mom's photo might be good. But then they keep scrolling and they find the next person applying and their headshot is warm, welcoming, edited professionally, lit perfectly, has an expression that says, "I'm the best and you need me more than I need you.", etc, etc. Who are they going to reach out to first? Sorry mom...

Let's help capture the best you we can so this situation doesn't happen to you.

Headshots aren't just for top execs or your Linked In profile. The world is your oyster with a professionally shot headshot. People take you more seriously than someone with a cell phone snap at their kids birthday party taken by your aunt Judy. Potential employers, investors, social media followers, and everyone in between will look at you in *literally and figuratively* in a better light. With this new photo in your digital arsenal, your personality will be portrayed accurately and it will be front and center for all to see!

Another question I receive a lot is, "I have this awesome headshot that I had taken of me back in *insert-year-when-my-clothes-look-very-dated/etc* and it still looks kinda like me... Isn't it okay to use?"

Short answer... NO! You want someone to see you for who you currently are. If you used that photograph to land an interview and you walked in with years of change between you now and you then, the interviewer is going to feel a disconnect since you didn't portray yourself as who you are today. The first meeting is crucial and having a current image will help add just a little bit of connection between the interviewer and yourself. Personal connection goes far in a world inundated with so many digital connections.

And even at the least, it just feels good to have professionally lit, high quality photos taken of yourself. I can help capture the amazing, one-of-a-kind, beautiful person that you know you are. With a photograph you are proud of sharing, you're going to open all the doors you want. Let's get it done! Email me and let make it happen!


While I covered a bit above, here are my six reasons why I believe you need a headshot.


Your headshot is your first impression to potential clients, employers, and everyone in between. It conveys your personality. While a smile portrays approach-ability, a serious look can help portray determination. Let's make your expression match your personality.


Your headshot is an investment in your future. Your headshot will help you present yourself in the best light possible. The professional benefit and ROI will far outweigh the cost.


An old headshot can cause an immediate disconnect when meeting a client in person for the first time. Staying up to date with your headshot will help portray who you are currently in your life and career.


When you look professional, potential clients, investors, recruiters, etc. are more likely to agree to an initial meeting.


Many rely on quickly shot images done on a cell phone in poor lighting conditions. Recruiters, clients, etc. will take a closer look with a high-resolution headshot.


Having a quality image to share helps boot your self confidence and can inspire you to share more of yourself with others.


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